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Wagner Family History 1st to 4th generations

First Generation

In early 19th century, 1st generation, Hoe Fook Ling, at the age 12+ years old, the only son of a Sundry Manager, was send to Japan to learn the art of piano making by his father.

In 1920, Hoe Fook Ling decided to emigrated from Ningbo, Shanghai, China to Singapore. There he set up a piano business Union Piano Shop with a relative at the same time opened a branch in Malaysia (then known as Federation of Malaya). He became the first person to build a piano in Singapore under the piano brand Kinner. With respect, peoples in the piano field, give a nickname to him as King of Piano. During his time in Singapore, his wife, his only son and 6 daughters still remain in China. At the age of 48, he was called back to China as his father was too sick. Since then, he had his early retirement and the piano shop failed to materialize.

Second Generation

His son, the 2nd generation, Hoe Ah Choy follows his father's footsteps and works in the 1st British piano firm, Moutrie, Robinson & Company operating in Shanghai, China as a piano technician.

In 1936, Hoe Ah Choy at the age of 25, was transferred to Malaysia (then known as Federation of Malaya) and reside at a squatter house in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (then known as Batu Road) as a tuner and repairer for Moutrie, Robinson & Company.

Moutrie, Robinson & Company closed down in the early 1950s. Later, in 1951, Hoe Ah Choy started a small enterprise Wagner Piano Company along with his wife, Kong Kim Goh, selling new imported pianos from United Kingdom and introduced Wagner piano. Shortly, he started piano assembling from semi-completed form from U.K. and later from Germany and Japan with the help of his children.

In 1960, the company moved to a larger premises at No. 26, Jalan Dang Wangi, (then known as Campbell Road) and at No. 88, Jalan Imbi, (then known as Imbi Road) Kuala Lumpur. There, the family business went one step further by producing the cabinets of the pianos locally in order to stay competitive.

Third Generation

In 1969, the eldest son, 3rd generation Hoe Tuck Wah and his siblings, embarked on piano making courses and visiting traditional piano making factories in United Kingdom, Europe, United Stated of America as well as in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea and also by stripping down good German and England pianos to find out the secrets of their craftsmanship and also to evaluate the viability of piano manufacturing.

In 1972, Hoe Tuck Wah started Malaysia first and only piano factory Musical Product Sdn. Bhd. was set up in Lahat (just outside Ipoh), Perak, Malaysia manufacturing pianos under license brands like Challen, Witton & Witton, Barratt & Robinson from England and brand C.Steinbert from German scale designed brand C.Steinbert by D.H. Dotzek with the help of his brothers.

As the company organization continues to expand, on 16th April 1975, Wagner Piano Company was transformed into a private limited company and renamed to Wagner Piano Sdn. Bhd. In 1980's, Wagner Piano Sdn Bhd took over Petrof Piano House in Singapore and renamed to Wagner Petrof Piano Pte Ltd (agent for Petrof pianos for South-East Asia and Australasia)

Standing from L-R : Patrick, Tuck Foo, Mary, Tuck Wah, Sai Kuen
Sitting from L-R : Tuck Liong, Philip, Mr Hoe Ah Choy, Ivan,
Mrs Hoe (Kong Kim Goh) and Simon

Later in the years 1981, 1987 to the late 1990's, the 3rd generations of the Hoes (with 7 brothers and 2 sisters)

  1. Hoe Tuck Wah
  2. Hoe Tuck Foo
  3. Mary Ho May Li
  4. Ho Sai Kuen
  5. Patrick Hoe Tuck Pui
  6. Hoe Tuck Liong
  7. Philip Hoe Tuck Hao
  8. Simon Ho Tuck Wan
  9. Ivan Hoe Tuck Fong

setting up piano business trade with different companies name in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

These companies are :

(3rd Generation) (4th Generation)

  • Vienna Music Sdn. Bhd./ Musical Product- (Hoe Tuck Wah) (Liza Hoe)
  • Syarikat Alat-Alat Muzik Weng Lee- (Hoe Tuck Foo) (David Hoe, Steven Hoe, Nancy Hoe)
  • Wagner Piano Sdn. Bhd.- (Hoe Tuck Pui & Hoe & Hoe Tuck Hao) (James Hoe)
  • Wagner Music Shop- (Ho Tuck Wan) (Peter Ho & Susan Ho)
  • Wagner Piano Company- (Hoe Tuck Fong)

have grown into one of the most established and reputable piano retailers and wholesalers in Malaysia.

Fourth Generation

Wagner Music Shop (previously Wagner Piano Sdn Bhd) owned by Ho Tuck Wan (Simon Ho) registered Wagner Music Shop from year 2000,after working for over 30 years in Wagner Piano Sdn Bhd. During the years in Wagner Piano Sdn Bhd, Simon Ho were in charge of Wagner Piano Sdn Bhd and Musical Products factory. Mr. Ho then expand business throughout Perak, Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore, Brunei and etc specialize in manufacturing, tuning and repairing.

Simon Ho's oldest son Peter Ho graduated in Hawaii, USA under Bachelor of Business Administration in 2004. He then went to work in companies under Austrians and Texchem Tan Sri Fumihiko Konishi. But decided to come back to Wagner Music Shop in 2008. Simon Ho taught his oldest son, Peter Ho in major piano restoration, repair, tuning and after sales service methods. Peter overall contributed on Business Administration, Purchasing and Customer relations.

Simon Ho's oldest daughter Joyce Ho graduated in Frankfurt, Germany with master in music pedagogy and a piano performing. She also received piano competition awards, the associated board of Royal Schools of Music, London & Trinity College London Diploma. She is teaching professional piano playing to students in University College Sedaya International, University of Malaya and etc and also to expatriates and professionals. Since her return in Malaysia, she has performed in several solo concerts as well as colleborating with some other musicians in Malaysia.

Simon Ho's youngest daughter Susan Ho is a certified professional teacher, training children from ages 2 to 5, a program under kinder beat. She is teaching piano classes from beginner students to advanced students.

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