Friday, May 15, 2009

New Karl schmidt and Young chang pianos

New piano available

Karl Schmidt
Upright Black Mahogany/Walnut
Model 121 RM10,800 RM11,100
Model 123 RM11,500 RM11,800
Model 125 RM12,200 RM12,500
Model 125 (UG) RM12,500 RM12,800

Karl Schmidt
Grand Piano Black Mahogany/Walnut
GR 147 (4'10") RM 25,500 RM26,500
GR 160(5'3") RM28,000 RM29,000
GP 142 (4'8") RM26,500 RM275,00
GP 152 (5') RM28,500 RM29,500
GP 168 (5'6") RM30,500 RM31,500
GP 173 (5'8") RM33,000 RM34,000
GP 186 (6'1") RM36,000 RM37,000

GR model grand pianos are equipped with Japan felt hammer while GP model are equipped with German felt hammers

Young Chang
Model E-118MP RM9,800 Mahogany
Model U-121WP RM10,500 Walnut

Prices subject to change with or without prior notice

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